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Femoluk – Herbal Uterine Tonic (2 Bottles)

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Femoluk Herbal Uterine Tonic Helps to restore HPO axis from menarche to menopause.

You will recieve 2 bottle of 200ml each


Femoluk – Herbal Uterine Tonic

  1. Helps to restore HPO axis from menarche to menopause
  2. In DUB
    Ashoka exerts an estrogen like activity which enhances repair of endometrium and stop excessive vaginal bleeding ( Menorrhagia)
    Shatavari is useful in Dysmenorrhea
    Musta reduces pre menstrual tension, ensure natural flow, promotes breast comfort soothes the mind and helps to balance the emotions.
  3. Leucorrhea – Lodhra, shatavari, sahlmali, anantmool, khadira. Nagkesar
  4. Anti- spasmodic action – daruharidra, jatamansi , yasti madhu, pipplimool, jeera
  5. Hb r ise – shalmali, draksha, musta


  1. Femoluk encourages timely ovulation by balanong HPO axis
  2. Creates fertile intra-uterine environment favorable for conception, nidation and full term gestation
  3. Increase glycogen content of the endometrium
  4. Promotes endometrial proliferation & Secretion

In Art Protocol

  1. Improves endometrial thickness & Receptivity for better implantation

Imovulatory infertility

  1. Compliments the action of clomiphene citrate and improves chances of conception
  2. Increase thickness of endometrium, improves vascularity & Receptivity of endometrium
  3. Enhances glycogen content of endometrium

In climacteric conditions:

  1. Femoluk regularizes irregular cycle during peri menopause.
  2. Reduces climacteric symptoms like hot flashes, irritability & night sweats
  3. Promotes endometrial proliferation & Secretion

Indications: Regularizes the menstrual cycle, Regularizes hormonal secretion, Controls abnormal uterine bleeding, Stimulate the ovarian tissue

Dosage: 15ml twice a day or as directed by doctor

Presentation: 200 ml attractive Pack


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